Research activities of the Software Languages Team

  • Software Language Engineering and Software Linguistics
    • Collaboration
      • Dr. Jean-Marie Favre (OneTree Technologies, Luxembourg)
      • Prof. Dragan Gasevic (Athabasca University, Canada)
  • Megamodeling and linguistic architecture
    • See mega for details.
  • API usage analysis and migration
    • See api for details.
  • Software Co-evolution
  • Grammarware Engineering
    • Collaboration
      • Prof. Paul Klint (CWI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
  • Strategic Programming
    • Collaboration
      • Prof. Simon Thompson (University of Kent, UK)
  • Software Adaptation
    • Collaboration
      • Prof. Robert Hirschfeld, HPI

Scientific events in which the Software Languages Team is currently or was recently involved

  • SLATKO 2011 (Software Languages at Koblenz 2011)
  • WS4C 2011 (Software Language Engineering for Cyber-physical Systems at INFORMATIK 2011)
  • CSXW 2011 (Coupled Software Transformations Workshop at GTTSE / SLE 2011)
  • SATToSE 2011 (the 4th Seminar on Advanced Techniques & Tools for Software Evolution)
  • GTTSE 2011 (the 4th International Summer School on Generative and Transformational Techniques)
  • ADAPT 2010 (the 1st International Summer School on Software Adaptation)
  • SLE 2010 (the 3rd International Conference on Software Language Engineering)

See also Ralf Lämmel's event site with PC memberships and alike.

Other activities

Other related resources

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