Empirical Software Engineering Summer Semester 2013

This course can be taken for (old and new) BSc and MSc Computer Science and Computer Vision.




See curriculum ("Modulhandbuch").

Dates and subjects

16.04.13: Lecture "Introduction" (.pdf)
23.04.13: Lecture "Performance" (.pdf)
25.04.13: Lecture "Exploratory research on API usage" (.pdf)
30.04.13: Lab "Student presentations on Reading assignment"
02.05.13: Lecture "Experimental designs in controlled experiments" (.pdf)
07.05.13: Lab with student presentations and on "Statistical modeling with R" (.pdf, .R)
14.05.13: Lecture "Exploratory research on language usage" (.pdf)
16.05.13: Lab "Discussion on experiment design"
28.05.13: Lecture and discussion "Metadata inference" (.pdf)
04.06.13: Lecture Qualitative Analyse (.pdf)
06.06.13: Lecture "Analysis of controlled experiments" (.pdf)
11.06.13: Lecture Analyses with R (.pdf, .R)
13.06.13: Lecture Lecture "Discussion of a specific controlled experiment" (.pdf)
18.06.13: Supervision for the Analysis assignment
20.06.13: Supervision for the Analysis assignment
25.06.13: Lab with student presentations for the Analysis assignment
27.06.13: Experiment on programming
02.07.13: A comparative study using the GQM paradigm (Paper discussion .html)
04.07.13: Supervision for the Experiment assignment
11.07.13: Student presentations and discussion on Experiment assignment
16.07.13: A literature survey based on grounded theory (.pdf)
18.07.13: Supervision for the Experiment assignment



See the collection ESE resources.

Exam rules

As discussed in the lecture.