Practinar "Software Languages"

Ongoing / past editions

The practinar format

Practinar is a pun combining the term Practical and Seminar. The "practinar" is a non-patent-pending course format invented by the Software Languages Team as a means of aligning student expectations and traditional course formats such that a good mix of practical and research concepts is achieved. In particular, this practinar allows students to carry out work of the format pro-seminar, seminar, project practical, research practical, and research work. Further, students can use some of the meetings to engage into a project for a Bachelor's or a Master's thesis.

More specifically, a practinar supports the follow modes:

  • Pro-seminar versus seminar:
    • Students in the pro-seminar mode will study relatively well-defined resources, from which they derive a research talk as well as a research article. Supervision will ensure that such students obtain basic skills in scholarly reading, writing, and presentations.
    • Students in the seminar mode will go beyond the pro-seminar mode in that more creativity is expected in terms of selecting, cross-referencing, comparing, and integrated resources. Again, a research talk as well as a research article is to be derived.
  • Project practical versus research practical:
    • Students in the project practical mode will essentially carry out software development in a small team including all aspects of analysis, design, implementation, testing, and documentation. By the nature of the practinar format, such development is usually directly linked to some research topic also studied otherwise by the practinar.
    • Students in the research practical mode will go beyond the project practical mode in that more research skills are to be demonstrated. In fact, the typical goal of a research practical is to lead to a result that (with the help of the Software Languages Team) can be published.
  • Students with interest in research work ("Forschungsarbeit" as "Wahlpflicht") carry out supervised, research-oriented work with the objective of contributing to a publication.
  • Collaboration within Bachelor's and Master's theses.


Lab Occupancy

The following list is maintained and shows, when a group of students occupies the lab.

Group Date Supervisor
Technology Modeling Tue. 11 - 12 Marcel Heinz