Software Languages Practinar Summer Semester 2012

Introduction on 8 March 2012; 1-2pm; room: B 013 (with free coffee within some limits)


Research 2.0 and SoTeSoLa (Software Technologies and Software Languages)


The "practinar" is a non-patent-pending course format invented by the Software Languages Team as a means of aligning student expectations and traditional course formats such that a good mix of practical and research concepts is achieved; see the general practinar page for information. In particular, this practinar allows students to carry out work of the format pro-seminar (4 ECTS), seminar (4 ECTS), project practical (9 ECTS), and research practical (9 ECTS). Further, students can use some of the meetings to engage into a project for a Bachelor's thesis (15 ECTS) or a Master's thesis (30 ECTS).

Some research questions

  • How to technically improve 101companies to better serve education and research?
  • How to technically refurbish 101companies to better become a Research 2.0 demonstrator?
  • What is a good format for a Research 2.0 event in the context of SoTeSoLa?
  • How to leverage 101companies for such a Research 2.0 event in the context of SoTeSoLa?
  • What concrete exercises to be designed for such an event?
  • What concrete resources to leverage for such an event and how to leverage them?
  • How to use empirical research throughout this effort?


  • 8 March 2012; 1-2pm; room: B 013: Introduction by the organizers
  • 12 March 2012 (by email): Commitment by the student participants
  • Mid of June: consultations with A. Varanovich
  • End of June: presentations
  • End of July or later: reports/papers (subject to individual deadlines)


  • Jean-Marie Favre (Visiting Scientist, University of Grenoble)
  • Markus Kaiser (Software Languages Team)
  • Ralf Lämmel (Software Languages Team)
  • Ekaterina Pek (ADAPT Lab)
  • Andrei Varanovich (Software Languages Team)

Participants of the course

The participants are listed in alphabetic order.

Each participant is annotated with the mode of participation (practinar mode) and a topic.

  • Tobias Keweloh
    • Mode: Pro-seminar
      • Topic: A taxonomy of HTML5
  • Martin Leinberger
    • Mode: Research practical
      • Topic: Feature tagging for 101companies
  • Oleksandr Lyzun
    • Mode: Research practical
      • Topic: Social support for 101companies
  • Marius Rackwitz
    • Mode: Research practical
      • Topic: Technology usage analysis for 101companies
  • Jan Rüther
    • Mode: Pro-seminar
      • Topic: A taxonomy of HTML5
  • Thomas Schmorleiz
    • Mode: Research project
      • Topic: Vocabulary mining for Haskell resources


Guide on writing and presenting

Make sure to read this guide.


Introduction to the course

Slides are available online: (login required)

  • Ralf Lämmel (Software Languages Team): Design of the practinar
  • Jean-Marie Favre (Visiting Scientist, University of Grenoble): Research 2.0 and SoTeSoLa
  • Andrei Varanovich (Software Languages Team): Themes of 101companies implementations
  • Thomas Schmorleiz (Software Languages Team): Bridges for the 101companies wiki and repository
  • Ekaterina Pek (ADAPT Lab): Empirical Software Engineering