Course "Programming techniques and technologies" SS 2013


Lecture: Prof. Ralf Lämmel

Lab: Dr. Manfred Jackel

Assistants: Michael Monschau, Erwin Schens, Guido Sonnen

If you have questions regarding team construction and evolution, please contact Guido Sonnen.



This date and other facts only apply for the regular (written) exam.

See here for the other option ("Hausarbeit").

16.07.13 during the regular lecture slot in the regular lecture hall.

See exam admission rules elsewhere on this page.

See previous exams including dry runs for preparation.


Date: 22 November 2013
Time: 10.00-11.00am
Room: F 314


See lecture dates, times, and places on KLIPS.

See lecture topics and material on 101wiki.

Slides are embedded into course pages on the 101wiki and available online through Slideshare.

For convenience, PDF files for the slides are also available in a more basic manner.


  • Group 1 Mo 14-16 in G 310, start: 22.4.2013
  • Group 2 Th 10-12 in G 310, start: 25.4.2013

IMPORTANT: please reregister for the lab in KLIPS. The registrations and registration options for group 2 on Thursday got lost Link to lab in KLIPS.


The assignments are designed to help understand all material covered in the lecture. Also, the assignments support effective preparation for the exam. Issued assignments may be discussed briefly in the lecture or the lab. Completed assignments are discussed in detail in the lab. Students may be asked to present their solutions. There are student assistants who check submitted solutions.

Deadlines are EOD (Koblenz timezone) for the indicated date.

Please observe the submission rules.

No. Description Date of issue Deadline
1 link 24.04.2013 28.04.2013
2 link 30.04.2013 05.05.2013
3 link 07.05.2013 12.05.2013
4 link 14.05.2013 26.05.2013
5 link 28.05.2013 02.06.2013
6 link 04.06.2013 09.06.2013
7 link 11.06.2013 16.06.2013
8 link 18.06.2013 23.06.2013
9 link 25.06.2013 30.06.2013
10 link 03.07.2013 07.07.2013

Exam admission rules

The other option ("Hausarbeit") is described here.

Admission for 2012, 2011, 2010 is inherited to 2013.

Students need to pass homework assignments as follows:

  • Assemble teams of 3 students via the registration web site.
  • Submit solutions by the deadline. Late submissions are not graded.
  • Observe the submission rules.
  • 8 submissions need to receive a score 1 or better.
  • 4 submissions need to receive a score 2.
  • Each student presents at least twice successfully in the lab.

Students need to register for exam via KLIPS.

Scores: Missing or late submissions receive score 0. Submissions which are essentially correct, modulo smaller problems, receive score 2. Submissions which show the beginning of a solution in a proper manner but are non-trivially incorrect or incomplete receive score 1. Assignments are given out on a weekly schedule. Extra requirements for the solution (regarding conventions, best practices, testing etc.) are communicated by the teaching staff (see the submission rules in particular) and they need to be satisfied by successful solutions.