Assignment 10 -- PTT13

Starting point


Contribution:javaRmi is part of the 101repo repo, which you can pull here:

You may also download the zip from the wiki page for the contribution:


Exercise distributed programming with RMI.


Pick any subtask you like. Doing only one of them is sufficient.

  • Enrich the server with a factory object which can construct company, department, employee objects. Bind to the factory object on the client so that you can construct a sample company on the client.
  • Attempt to measure the overhead caused by RMI. To this end, you could measure and compare the times spent a) within the methods of the company, department, and employee objects on the server and b) for the corresponding method calls on the client. Please discuss shortcomings, if any, of your approach.


Test cases for totaling salaries and cutting salaries should be used for all sub-tasks.