Ptt14 Assignment3


  1. Pick a web app problem. (See below for details.)
  2. Model structure and sketch behavior for you web app. (You could use class diagrams.)
  3. Pick a web application framework. (See some candidate frameworks for inspiration below.)
  4. Provide persistence for the model of your web app in a database.
  5. Implement view and controller for your web app. (Make generally use of design patterns.)

Since this assignment is underconstrained in terms of web app and the underlying framework, you need to make an extra effort to help others with understanding and reproducing your web application scenario, the characteristics of your web application framework, and the interesting details of implementing, deploying, and testing your application. Use methods of presentation and shipping, as discussed for the previous assignments.

Web app problems

You must pick an original problem. Please, present your idea during the first scrum. Technology choice proposals must be submitted by the time of the first scrum. Strive for simplicity. You must not pick a complex scenario. You must pick a scenario which is sufficient to illustrate some core aspects of web application development in a minimalistic manner.

Here are some ideas:

  • Implement a web-based editor for your language of the second assignment.
  • Implement a dynamic web site for your web API of the first assignment.

Web application frameworks and languages

As usual, please get approval for non-Java technologies (including the ones metioned below) through email to ed.znelbok-inu|gnaltfos#ed.znelbok-inu|gnaltfos

Reuse and citation

If you use existing code or other resource, make sure to cite them in a transparent way. There is nothing wrong with reusing code and other resources for this assignment, but you must cite them properly.