Ptt14 Assignment4


Please start early and submit informed questions, if you like to get help.


  1. Study provided experience with technology modeling. (Such as lectures on 1 and 8 July)
  2. Pick a non-trivial software technology. (See below for inspiration.)
  3. Develop a technology model of your chosen technology.
  4. Describe your technology model in a structured manner:
    1. What are the key entities?
    2. Importantly, what sort of technology-specific insights do you try to model?
    3. What are the important relationships between the key entities?
    4. Do you need new entity (sub-) types?
    5. Do you need new relationship types?
    6. Use sound notation (such as the one from the lectures)!
  5. Link your technology model in a systematic manner:
    1. Link each and every new entity type to a Wikipedia page or alike.
    2. If possible, link all your artifacts to online available example of technology usage.

The "solution" to the assignment is a report ("document") with the description and the links as characterized above.

Software technology options

For reasons explained later, you must not choose Ruby On Rails.

Please contact ed.znelbok-inu|gnaltfos#ed.znelbok-inu|gnaltfos with your ideas.

Object/relational mapping.

You could be covering an Object/relational mapping technology. See for a list of technologies. You are not allowed to choose Hibernate / JPA, as the lecture may cover those to some extent. In fact, you find a significant enough aspect for Hibernate / JPA that is missing in the existing treatment, then please go ahead.

XML data binding

You could be covering an XML data binding technology. See for a list of technologies. You are not allowed to choose JAXB (Java) and xsd.exe / System.Xml serialization (.NET), as there are existing technology models (in some form).

Web Application Frameworks

Anything goes, except Ruby on Rails and Django. See for a list of technologies.

Really anything goes

  • Content Management Systems
  • Version Control Systems
  • MDE technology
  • Model transformation technologies
  • Hosting platforms
  • Linked Data technologies
  • NoSQL database management systems
  • Smartphone platforms

Any other categories of technologies that you would like to consider? Please, get in touch.