Seminar "Software Languages"

(in German: Seminar "Softwaresprachen")

(C) AG Softwaresprachen and Prof. Dr. R. Lämmel


Seminars are now also part of "practinars".


The seminar is designed for diploma and Master's students.

Committed Bachelor's students may also participate in the seminar and count it as pro-seminar.

Subscription works via KLIPS and email to ed.znelbok-inu|gnaltfos#ed.znelbok-inu|gnaltfos.

New editions are announced in newsgroups, through KLIPS, and other means.

See "How to ...?" for a general guide.

Ongoing/past editions

  • Reiterative: Technology Modeling
  • SS 2016: Ontology evaluation
  • WS 2011/12: Megamodeling
  • SS 2011: Parallelism and concurrency
  • SS 2010: Extraction, analysis and visualization of API data
  • WS 2009/10: API-related program comprehension
  • SS 2009: Programmability of mobile platforms
  • WS 2008/09: Program analysis and transformation
  • WS 2007/08: Parallel computing

Design of the seminar

See the curriculum for general information.

See "How to ...?" for a general guide.

  • The main objective is to carry out supervised literature-based research.
  • The main deliverables are a research report and a research presentation.
  • Involved activities
      • literature study
      • authoring of research report
      • authoring of research presentation
      • milestone meetings with supervisor
      • participation in the seminar's workshop
      • technology experiments (optional)