(C) 2011, AG Softwaresprachen and Prof. Dr. R. Lämmel

This is the site for the Summer Semester 2011 edition of the Seminar "Software Languages"


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The following themes were selected for the current edition:

  • Modern programming models for parallelism and concurrency
  • Applications of cluster analysis in computer science
  • Foundations and applications of incremental algorithms

The hidden key subject is parallelism and concurrency.

The other topics feed into the discussion as algorithmic domains that challenge parallelism.

Overall, the topics were selected on the grounds of discussion and interests of all participants incl. the prof.

See "How to ...?" for a general guide.


Participants have access to the designated svn area:

There is a subdirectory per student.


  • 15 Feb: Initial meeting (6.00pm, B 013)
  • 17 May: Confirmation of working title per student by email
  • 20 June: Individual consultation: literature, research question, sketch of talk
  • 1 July: Workshop
  • 10 Aug: Mature draft paper
  • 15 Aug: Review deadline
  • 21 Aug: Final paper

Participants and topics and references

The given references are only meant to inspire students who are supposed to identify a coherent set of references themselves.

Left-over topics

  • PLinq and related approaches
  • Applications of cluster analysis in image recognition
  • Irregular (nested) data parallelism
  • Fast linear algebra libraries