Sle1314 Assignment1

SLE WS 2013 Assignment 1

Reading about Software Language Engineering


You can pick one of the paper from the annotated SLE bibliography:


You should present the paper of choice in a way, that other students can understand it. Slides is a must format for presentation. Additionally you might want to write a tiny structured report, which can be further distributed among students. The presentation should not take longer than 10 minutes including some clarifying questions.

Please consult this guide on the advise(s) how to comprehend the scientific paper in a structural way:

Selected papers

Student Paper
Andreia Marques The Transformational Approach to Database Engineering +
Dominik Mosen Modeling Modeling Modeling
Nicolas Beck Applications of Ontologies in Software Engineering +
Artur Daudrich The Impedance Imperative, Tuples + Objects + Infosets = Too Much Stuff! +
Carsten Hartenfels Semantics First! - Rethinking the Language Design Process +
Marcel Heinz Technological Spaces: an initial appraisal +
Simon Schauß Model Driven Engineering: An Emerging Technical Space +
Benjamin Haßel Using production grammars in software testing +
Johannes Härtel Object-Orientation in Attribute Grammars +
Lukas Härtel A Case Study in Grammar Engineering +

General logistics

See the course page for deadlines and conditions on successfully completing the assignments.