Sle1314 Assignment4

SLE WS 2013 Assignment 4

Exercising grammar-based test-data generation for an FSML DSL implementation

(Grammars are again meant here in the broad sense to include schemas, metamodels, etc.)


This assignment is applied on top of your result for assignment 2.

This assignment also leverages your reading effort and the associated discussion for assignment 3.

Complement your implementation, as of assignment 2, with test-data generation.


  • A presentation
    • Briefly summarizing the testing story for your platform
      • What sort of testing and test-data generation frameworks exist?
      • What are the distinguishing characteristics of these frameworks?
      • Is any of these frameworks applicable to grammar-based testing?
      • What are straightforward options for implementing a basic test-data generator?
    • Motivation of a testing objective and the corresponding strategy
      • What sort of errors are you trying to catch?
      • What sort of generated test-data set helps in this context?
      • How do you implement your test strategy?
  • An FSML implementation augmented by test-data generation and test execution

Other requirements

  • Separate concerns in the sense that your basic FSML implementation must not be affected by the test-data generation effort. That is, all code for this assignment should be kept in separate modules and executable separately.


  • Don't feel constrained in terms of the testing objective or testing strategy you choose, provided you can motivate your particular focus.
  • There is no need to cover all conceivable aspects of testing. In fact, a focused effort on a specific, non-trivial aspect is preferred.


  • Continue to work in the team that you used for assignment 2.
  • Present your preliminary results (with 3+ slides) of your plan in the lab on 30 Jan.
  • Present your final results (with slides and running code) in the week 24-26 Feb.
  • Submit repo URL incl. and presentation to ed.znelbok-inu|gnaltfos#ed.znelbok-inu|gnaltfos on 27 Feb.

The presentation of preliminary results is needed to make sure that you are on the right track and to better calibrate the different teams and efforts.

General logistics

See the course page for deadlines and conditions on successfully completing the assignments.