Sle1415 Assignment1

SLE WS 2014/15 Assignment 1

Reading about Software Language Engineering


Pick a paper of the annotated SLE bibliography and prepare a presentation


You should present the paper of choice in a way that other students can understand it. This means that you need to invest into reading and understanding and abstraction, even when this is hard. Design a clearly structured and self-contained slide deck with the key findings. The presentation is limited to 10 minutes including some clarifying questions. Additional material may be included into the slide deck to address questions. You may find the following advice and therein included reference worth studying: (The relevance of this text may be limited for the assignment at hand.)

Selected papers

Student Paper

General logistics

This sort of assignment is reminiscent of the flipped classroom concept.

See the course page for deadlines and conditions on successfully completing the assignments.

Your presentation (at least in .pdf format) should be committed to this svn area: To this create a subdirectory of courses/sle1415/students with your LOGIN name as the directory name. In this manner, you can reuse this directory for other assignments and the mapping of files to students is taken care of.