Startup14 Assignment1

First assignment for the startup14 course

  • Join a team, as discussed at the meeting.
  • Create a bitbucket or github repo for the team, as discussed at the meeting.
  • Pick an existing or imaginary startup company.
  • Model the structure of the startup with a UML class diagrams.
  • Please consider these constraints:
    • 4+ classes.
    • Aggregation or composition are meaningfully exercised.
    • Associations are meaningfully exercised.
    • Indicate sensible behaviors with 2+ methods in the classes.
    • There is no need that you use generalization (inheritance).
  • Author the model with or another tool.
  • Commit the model in source format and as .jpeg file (or alike) to the repo.
  • Share your repo with "rlaemmel" (both on bitbucket and github).