1406 101hackathon


  • 10 June (Tuesday): 13:13-15.15; Topic "RDF queries"
  • 11 June (Wednesday): 11:11-17:17; Topic "101wiki migration"


B 127 (or B 233, if confirmed later)


  • Michael Kwidzinski
  • Ralf Lämmel
  • Martin Leinberger
  • Thomas Schmorleiz
  • Andrei Varanovich


Topic "RDF queries"

This is basically a relatively focused and short brainstorming session to look into query scenarios for extracting valuable information from the RDF store. Andrei will briefly tell us what we have done on this front in the past and we will all discuss then and perhaps derive some homework. The idea is to have both good ideas for queries and confidence that your data, now or past improvements, is likely to enable insightful query results.

Topic "101wiki migration"

This is a work-intensive, highly structured, possibly iterative, bulk rewrite of the current 101wiki with the objective to update and correct the use its ontology so that the automatically extracted triple store is likely to be of good quality. For instance, we know that many isA and instanceOf relationships are wrong. Also, we want to rename some properties. The meeting will begin with a discussion on what we will attempt, prepared with an operational migration guide prepared by Andrei, to be edited throughout the discussion, to be used then for guiding the first iteration of work.