140616 Msc

MSc defense Aleksey Lashin and Arkadi Schmidt


  • Date: 16 June
  • Time: 16.15
  • Room: F522
  • Presenters: Aleksey Lashin and Arkadi Schmidt
  • Supervisor: Ralf Lämmel
  • 2nd reviewer: Andrei Varanovich


Contributor and administrator support for a software chrestomathy


The master thesis is concerned with the processes in the "101companies" project which may be used for publishing acquired knowledge, concepts, texts, articles and academic papers. The mentioned project provides opportunities to discover appropriate information and establish references to the relevant topics for engineers, students, researchers, academic staff and professors. Additionally this thesis manages issues of optimization and improvement of processes that make coordinated collaboration in the project more straightforward and faster. Also a contribution process was developed and incorporated into the system. Furthermore an administration interface for the current system was designed and created.