150413 Msc1

MSc defense Hakan Aksu


  • Date: 13 April 2015 (Monday)
  • Time: 16.00
  • Room: B 013
  • Presenter: Hakan Aksu
  • Supervisor: Ralf Lämmel
  • 2nd reviewer: Martin Leinberger


Evolution-aware API analysis of developer skills


One task of executives and project managers in IT companies or departments is to hire suitable developers and to assign them to suitable problems. In this paper, we propose a new technique that directly leverages previous work experience of developers in a systematic manner. Existing evidence for developer expertise based on the version history of existing
projects is analyzed. More specifically, we analyze the commits to a repository in terms of affected API usage. On these grounds, we associate APIs with developers and thus we assess API experience of developers. In transitive closure, we also assess programming domain experience.