150901 Bsc

BSc defense Carsten Hartenfels


  • Date: 1 September 2015 (Tuesday)
  • Time: 13.30
  • Room: B 013
  • Presenter: Carsten Hartenfels
  • Supervisor: Ralf Lämmel
  • 2nd reviewer: Martin Leinberger


Refactoring of a Stovepipe System (Structuring 101worker)


101worker is the modular knowledge engineering component of the 101companies
project. It has developed maintainability and performance problems due to
growing organically, rather than following best software design practices. This
thesis lays out these problems, drafts a set of requirements for refactoring the
system and then describes and analyzes the resulting implementation. The solution
involves collation of scattered and redundant information, setup of unit and
functional test suites and incrementalization of the bus architecture of 101worker.