Msc Carsten Hartenfels

MSc defense Carsten Hartenfels


  • Date: 11 September 2017 (Monday)
  • Time: 10.15
  • Room: B 016
  • Presenter: Carsten Hartenfels
  • 1st reviewer: Ralf Lämmel
  • 2nd reviewer: Martin Leinberger
  • Co-supervisor: Steffen Staab


Semantics4J – Programming Language Integrated Semantic Queries and Types


Using semantic data from general-purpose programming languages does not provide the unified experience one would want for such an application. Static error checking is lacking, especially with regards to static typing of the data. Based on the previous work of λ-DL, which integrates semantic queries and concepts as types into a typed λ-calculus, this work takes its ideas a step further to meld them into a real-world programming language. This thesis explores how λ-DL's features can be extended and integrated into an existing language, researches an appropriate extension mechanism and produces Semantics4J, a JastAdd-based Java language semantic data extension for type-safe OWL programming, together with examples of its usage.