Student Help Center Ralf Lämmel

Dear student!

currently, I am on leave. Therefore, the following information isn't useful at this point.

Ongoing classes

If you have concerns regarding ongoing classes, please bring them up at the class.

When and how to meet?

There is a "quasi-regular" slot for student consultation on Wednesdays 2-3pm, room B 127.

Please make an appointment by email.

You can also try to run into my office during that time, but chances are that I am not there.

On the matter of phone

Do not contact me over the office phone for ongoing classes.

Contacting me over the office phone may be Ok on other urgent issues.

Do not contact me over the mobile phone, unless we have exchanged our names and agreed to use the phone.

On the matter of email

You can use any of my listed email addresses.

If you need to send an email, please be concise and comprehensive.

Please do not use email for anything that is more efficiently dealt with by meeting you in person.

Scheduling an examination

Please send an email with name, student registration number, subject, your curriculum, kind of examination, preferred range of dates.

Thank you!

Prof. Dr. Ralf Lämmel