Ralf Lämmel (Prof. Dr.)
  • I am Professor in Computer Science at University of Koblenz Landau.
  • I lead the SoftLang team.
  • Currently, I am dean of the faculty.
  • Recently, I was engineer in R&D at Facebook.
  • In the past, I have worked in academia and industry in NL, UK, and USA.
  • Overall, I am interested in:
      • software/data engineering,
      • programming/software/domain-specific/modeling languages,
      • software language engineering,
      • mining software repositories and systems and IT companies, and
      • machine learning, data mining, process mining in all those contexts.



More pointers

  • I used to blog more often.
  • My Microsoft blog is gone unfortunately, but I remember every word I said.
  • My PhD thesis (.pdf) was about meta-programming.
  • Teaching material used to be more open.