The following list is about Bachelor's and Master's as well as Diploma's theses.

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The descriptions linked below are merely meant to sketch the topics.

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Selected illustrative topics

You are welcome discuss these topics with us and we are likely to arrive at something that fits everyone better.

  • A declarative build system for a language repository (.html)
  • A Web API for Linked Software Data (.html)
  • Topic analysis for conferences (.html)
  • DSL for SSS in document management (.html)
  • Co-evolution for a development stack (.html)
  • Software analysis in IT controlling (.pdf)
  • The notion of projectional editing (.pdf)
  • A messaging-based IDE (.pdf)
  • A potpourri of software analyses (.pdf)
  • A potpourri of software transformations (.pdf)
  • Types checking web apps (.html)
  • Co-evolving web apps (.pdf)
  • Analysis of chrestomathies in linguistics (.pdf)
  • IT enterprise profiling (.pdf)

Ongoing or recent thesis projects

Similar thesis projects may make sense.